Photo: The coffee dispensing array at Nick's favorite convenience store - the WaWa
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Apples & Oranges Cover Art

For Apples & Oranges, click:

Apples & Oranges, $15
1. three in march
2. think of me
3. anywhere she wants
4. workin'
5. apples & oranges
6. grady
7. home depot
8. children of a mayan god
9. greek punctuation
10. hey, love
11. jesus said
12. folk alliance
13. WD-39
14. sound guys
15. if i were a carpenter
16. one for vic
17. company of friends

CD case is a folded 19x25 poster.

Apples & Oranges Poster

Steal the Cow Cover

For Steal the Cow, click:

Steal the Cow, $15
1. Land of the Free
2. Steal the Cow
3. I'm Married
4. I'm Not Him
5. In the Beginning
6. God is Good
7. Time to Go
8. Shade
9. Jesus, Inc.
10. Helen of Troy
11. Recurring Theme
12. Background Scenery
13. Just Because...
14. Take Your Time
15. Same World, Same Time


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